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The secret to sexy shiny hair

Is your hair dull and lifeless? Do you wish your locks were healthy and shiny (or at least looked healthy and shiny)? Well me too.. I think that shiny hair is a well kept secret that most people do not know the answer to. Yes yes we have all tried the shine sprays, the oils promising high shine (but delivering oily roots with ends that still look dry)

So what is the answer.. How do you get healthy shiny hair without looking oily? The answer is super easy.. It has 4 letters and will change your luster lacking hair immediately.. It is LUXE! The new System Professional Luxe Oil Collection is everything you desire.. Plus more!!!

The collection recently released by Wella Professional is a scientific blend of luxurious oils which provide hair with long lasting smoothness with a luxe shine unmatched by any other product I have tried to date!

The three key ingredients are Argon Oil, known commonly as "liquid gold" for hair and famous for it's nourishing properties and high cosmetic qualities. A key hero product based on the benefits of Argan is the super popular Moroccan Oil with high levels of Argan Moroccan Oil really brought the power of Argan to life. The key difference between the Luxe Oil Collection and most other common Oils is that Argan is merely one of the three essential oils in the range. The next (and my Favourite) is Almond Oil, well know for it's superior hydrating power and light weight feel. It allows the oil to penetrate into the hair not leaving you looking oily at all but leaving the beautiful feeling of healthy hair with added shine. The final key ingredient is the Jojoba Oil, renowned for cosmetic value in the hair and for being particularly suitable for fragile dry ends (like mine!)

So how do these amazing ingredients work? Well inside the hair the small molecules penetrate the hair locking in the moisture and bonding the keratin. Hair becomes less damaged, holds moisture and is strengthened from within.. From the outside the oil and conditioning components form an invisible protective layer around each hair strand, protecting against damage and solidly reconstructing each strand.

So that's what it does (which is important) but how does it look and feel? AMAZING!!! Not only does your hair go super shiny after just one use, it continues getting healthier and shinier with very use! Finally a product that makes you hair look great, feel great and gets it healthy!!!! Try the Luxe Collection now.. Start with the Luxe Oil and work your way through to the Shampoo, Mask, Leave in Keratin Boost, you will love them all!!!!

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